Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My weekend + 2 days

Seeing as how I went to mena this weekend, I was all full of "piss and viniger" when we got back to magnolia. Someone always manages to step on my toes when I enter polk county. Anyway... friday when we arrived in polk county we were scheduled to meet with Chad's best friend from New York that I hadn't ever met before. When we pulled up in the friend's parent's driveway I could have had a stroke... I am still not sure I didn't... anyway. Its a small world out there, especially in polk county. It turns out that Rodney's parents were the best friends of the late parents of a very serious mishap on my track record. I made a large mistake once upon a time... it involved that dirty little 8 letter word that starts with "M" and has got the world going all kinds of crazy. Anyway... I did eventually feel my way out of the disaster that was just upon the horizon, so please don't hold it against me that I almost got swept up in that fad. Enough about that... it was an awkward couple of minutes that THANKFULLY ended before there were any "cusses or discusses" thrown into the air. Pretty uneventful, yet entertaining eveing. We went to eat, of course we took the NY couple to wal mart... you don't visit mena without going to wal mart, then drove up on the mountain although you can't see anything at night, then we drove back roads for a while. We eventually made it back to Rodney's parent's house to drop him and his wife off. Somehow we made it up the driveway, I don't know how seeing as how "cold" the hill top was. I mean seriously... you could have froze water on that woman's hindparts... this is where I would like to point out, I don't recall signing anything when I came out of the womb that said "I will be friendly to any and all persons I come into contact with", therefore I reserve the right to chose who I am friendly to. On the top of that list you will not find people who can't be friendly to me. To those people... I don't have a very large tucus, but I'm sure I can find a spot large enough for you to fit your stuck up, obnoxious lips.
Back to my weekend, saturday I spent the day playing with Braxton which was awesome. Then headed to hatfield for Claude's surprise birthday/retirement party. He was completely shocked so it was a success. The food was good, the company was shady... but of course that's what you usually end up with when you associate with state livestock inspectors. There was much cussing and discussing. Lots of laughter, and many complaints on how full everyone's stomach got to be... especially after the homemade ice cream and various other desserts were busted out. Sunday I spent the whole day with my little man. He amazes me. His vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds... which could be a negative thing considering it now includes: "ah shit, damnit, retard, oh nuts, dick head, and DUH!". But he says some things that are positives, such as: "horse, cow, ostrich, flamingo, bite, tail, toes, eyes, pigs, pink, hay, watermelon, cantelope, ice cream, hot dogs, and choo choo". But I have to tell you, of all the things he says my heart melts to pieces when he says "shoes". Its just too adorable... but while that melts my heart, nothing could have made my weekend the way him saying "Emily" for the first time. I came very close to crying... ok, so I let a few tears slide. We've been working on it a long time. We were talking about the letters of the alphabet (he can say them all) and when I got to E he said "E, egg... Emily..." it was cute!
Later that day we visited our friends who had a baby last week, he was precious! And their other son is just too funny. then my grandpa grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Monday morning my grandpa taught me to make his homemade biscuits because mine never turn out. My grandma and I managed to burn them as soon as he left the house. It was pretty funny. I really love my grandparents... they are truley the 2 best people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. They mean so much to me, I can't imagine my world without them. My grandma has been diagnosed with CHF, so my world seems to be falling apart. Got to move on before I really lose it here. We finally made it back to waldo. Worked a really long day tuesday....
Today my summer 2 class started. Trig. Oh what fun. I sat down and survey the room. In the front sat an asian guy and his daughter I guessed. I thought cool, I wish I had a kid to bring to college with me. When the teacher walked in dad got up and left the room... leaving his daughter alone. It took me a few minutes to realize that this child, who was between 8 and 10 years old, was really a student in my college trig class. As soon as the teacher started talking I was embarrassed... she knew more of that crap than I did. So not cool. so I've developed a plan. There should be a special section of college classes for child progidies so they don't come to regular classes and make me feel retarded! Other than that I've realized I will probably fail this class. As of today I've lost 7lbs. Go me. I worked this afternoon which did nothing for my mood. I finished up the laundry. And fancy left a "4 claw" mark down the side of my face. And now I'm about to work on my trig homework. I think that about sums it up. That's about all I can remember for now. I did take pictures this weekend. I'll work on posting some.

this is my boring life....

E... Eggs... Emily

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