Monday, June 28, 2010

A+ Fecal Matter

As the end of first summer sesson, being my first ever summer class, comes to an end I am thrilled with the outcome. There were only 2 assignments in the class, no tests, just a paper and a powerpoint presentation to be given in the fall to my teachers intro to ag class (an all freshman class so I'm far from concerned about that). The assignments were due last thursday so I was the over achieving student that finished the paper a week ahead of time and took it to my teacher to be critiqued before I started on the power point that would be based on the ideas from my paper. When I went to retrieve my paper that I was sure would have some red markings I was floored, not a mark on it... because my teacher hated the whole thing and wanted me to start over. Not what I needed. So I couldn't bring myself to work on my redo for several days because I was lost and had no idea where to re-begin. After several days I sat down and said to myself "I will finish this now". About that time my phone vibrated. It was my sister which always seems odd to me because we really dont' speak much. She was texting to inform me my grandmother had been in the hospital all day, she had a stroke... My grandmother has had heart problems for as long as I can remember. They began with a serious of small strokes several years ago. To get the full understanding of how hard this hits me, until I moved away from mena I lived with my grandparents for years. I practically lived there my whole life because their house is beside my mom's. What little was taught to me about cooking by other people was done by my grandma. She always had a project for me, making sour dough bread on a boring weekend day, baking papa some "truck cookies" when I was still a little young to help with hay. Other than in the kitchen she taught me what I know about sewing, about bill paying, about doing laundry, basically anything you ever needed to know about keeping house or entertaining company. On top of that she taught me everything I know about chickens, which I guess to some people isn't so important... but at my house that kinda of knowledge made life easier. My grandma is such a strong woman. She is SO stubborn, which is a trait I have inherited 10 fold from her. I also gained my love for old movies and Elvis from my grandma. So when I read this text message from my sister that said "Have you talked to mom? Nanny had a stroke today" I felt the world tilt off its axis and send me spinning. I tried to read the message again through my tears to make sure I had read it right... to be very honest I must have read the message upwards of 10 times trying to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong. Since I moved away from home my number one fear has been the phone call where someone informs me something has gone wrong, like this. There would be no paper writing after that. So the next day was the day my paper was due, I thought... I can do this. I called my teacher and asked what time he would be leaving that afternoon. He said don't worry about it, you can get it to me friday. Oh the relief. So thursday night I worked until very late making sure this paper was at least worthy of some proof reading marks. Friday I got up early and finished my paper and citations and called my teacher once again (I'm sure he is sick of hearing from me by now). He said just bring it by monday morning, and could you feed my dogs this weekend while I'm outta town? Hot dog! An extra weekend to work on my paper and brownie points?!?! Sign me up! So I went to his office today to hand in my paper, 13 pages of typed Arial 12 pt fecal matter. I mean really, I worked on it and it was an acceptable paper.... but I'm 100% sure its not what he was looking for. When I walked into his office and he pointed at the chair beside his desk with his glasses the way he so famously does I thought I might vomit. He read through my paper looking very thoughful, at the end he nodded his head, put it on his desk and said "I'm glad you lived up to that A I turned in for you this morning. Come back and see me in a few days and we'll get started on your powerpoint". I walked from his office and took probably the biggest breath I have ever taken... I had survived my first summer class, WITH AN A! Hello 3.8 gpa. I am impressed with me today. Then it hit me, not only had I been a success... my teacher really has faith in me. That's always a good feeling.

Delightfully relieved...

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