Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad blogger, bad bad bad blogger!

So when I left my cushy job at the "hell hole" I also abandoned my blog that I had barely begun. I use to blog daily... then I hit big city college and had to make some sacrifices. As my blog was only for ranting and saying ugly things about other people I made the executive decision to jump ship for a while until I could get my life back into functioning order. This goes to show that I shouldn't be allowed to make executive decisions... I always make the wrong one. How does a girl decide to give up her opportunity to rant and rave about the morons in this world? There are too many morons and not enough intelligent people out there, so those of us with a brain have to find a way to keep our heads above water. I've decided that while I am still an infinitely busy person, I must take up blogging again or I might sucumb to the stupidity that runs amuck around me.

My rant for today? All these teenage girls are running around thinking they are great stuff looking for the perfect "bad boy" to hop into bed with. These girls are generally the "I have legs 2 miles long, no boobs (yet, my parents are getting me some for my 16th birthday), I gave up my brain for cooler things like hair bleach and lip gloss, and I would never even consider eating anything more than a carrot stick in one seating... well, without throwing it up immediately that is..." girls. And what never fails? They hop from bed to bed looking for this oh so fascinationg bad boy that barely has a high school education, is unemployed, smokes cigarettes, and inevitably has a kid. Those girls begin to act like that guys kid is their own and think they are playing house or something. They think they are so cute and that they are really that poor child's mother. I hate, for them, that they are so delusional as to think they are fooling anyone... I especially hate it for the 4 year old that has been taken hostage by these delusions and is clearly aware that daddy's new bimbo is in possesion of less intelligence than them. I have all right to rant about this because once upon a time my father felt the need to marry someone half his age, only 8 years my elder, that felt the need to tell people she was my mother. 1. she was NO such thing, 2. did she really thing people were buying that she gave birth at age 8? detede! No, they all waited until she turned her head then scoffed at how stupid she could be and felt sorry for me all at the same time knowing that I was being forced to deal with this lunatic.

In other news, Fancy ( the dog I have adopted since last I blogged) has hit the terrible 2s of puppy hood. She single handedly sabotaged 50 watermelon and 50 cantelope plants in a time span of about 5 minutes. She also has given me a black eye and a bruise the size of a golf ball on my chin, chewed the lid off a full water bottle and dragged it throughout the house, and chewed a hole into a 50 lb bag of dog food which subsequently spilled all over the floor and proceeded to chow down on how much of it? I have no idea but I am certain my hand will soon fall of from whipping her. But... she's house broke. like that is any major accomplishment at this point.

I have sworn off wal mart. Yep, me... queen of blow my whole check at wally world the day I get it. As I live in a dry county again wal mart here doesn't carry booze and there is a dollar store 5 minutes from my house that carries everything else I need so why trouble myself with that sorry excuse of a store. Note to self: Colleges shouldn't be in dry counties and neither should I.

As Chad and I have given up our great paying jobs to attend SAU our lifestyle has changed. I have wished for nearly 3 years now that there would be fewer ropens in my life, now that it has happened I am somewhat sad. Possibly because I can now catch 2 horns 9 times outta 10, possibly because now the only traveling we really do is to mena and back. Either way... something has to give before long. Which leads to my plea.... Will everyone in Polk county please vote for Steve Oglesby this fall? That'd make my life great, but the details will have to wait until after the election and depend on the outcome.

Also, my "life goals" are still changing daily. Today I have given up the want for getting my masters based on the fact that I despise paper writing. Today I am going with "I will open my own restaurant and make it successful by the time I am 30." But we all know that could change any second now so don't mark it down on your calendar or anything.

Finally.... I am craving amaretto. To shooters tomorrow night for some of the best ever amaretto sours in the world?
Anything is possible....

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