Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Randomness for the day

Woke up in the middle of the night last night freezing to death. I really thought I had enough covers. 2 blankets in the middle of august? That should be enough right? Well yeah, it would be. If I had 2 covers. Come to find out Fancy wedged herself between the wall and my side of the bed on top of where my covers were hanging off the bed then proceeded to roll herself up in the covers, pulling them off the bed and off of me. I jerked, pulled, tugged, and fought with the covers to the point of waking chad up. He yells at me "what the hell are you doing?" He already thinks fancy should sleep outside. So I tell him "rearranging my covers", and lay back down... coverless and try to fall back asleep. About the time I am cold enough to go numb and start falling back asleep, chad's alarm goes off... damn it! I hate when his alarm goes off because it always winds up that he hits the snooze button for about 30 minutes and it gives me a massive headache to wake up and go to sleep off and on like that. He finally gets up and gets in the shower, I steal his covers and get my sleep back on. About 20 minutes later he wakes me up "I'm leaving" and I mumbled something that was probably supposed to sound like "ok, have a good day" and then he proceeds to harass me about if I am coming to work at ludwig this morning or not. Seriously, I am TRYING to sleep! So I get out of the bed, I'm half way ready for work and decide.... I'm not going. I'm already working 40 hours at my other job this week, my bills are actually paid, and I've worked 8 hours at ludwig this week already. How many hours will chad get this week? My money is on less than 30.... why should I go to work this morning and then go work on the farm after lunch? Not happening. So I did some stuff I needed to do around the house and made chad a big lunch. Went to the school, worked some and went to atwoods for a wheel barrow... and a snow cone. haha. Cleaned stalls for what seemed like an eternity and then clocked out to come home and fix supper then relax. Pretty standard day basically.

I was thinking today. When did manners escape society? The most simple of all table manners, wearing a cap at the dinner table, has fanished from sight. Now you have to understand, I grew up in a very chaotic life and we didn't all always sit down together, we ate whatever we could scarf down between the kitchen and the front door... that's the way it went. Some days we'd come in from haying, working cows, or picking up dead chickens and we'd be covered in shit, dirt, and sweat. We'd come in, wash our hands, and sit down at the table, filthy or not. At some point in there if you were wearing a hat or cap... it came off. I always love to see people sit down at my grandparent's dinner table with a cap on. My grandparents are the most polite, curtious people you are ever going to run across. BUT everyone draws a line somewhere and my grandpa draws his at wearing a hat at the table. There are many ways he might approach this problem. Sometimes he will simply stand up, walk over, remove your cap, and ask if your parents let you run with wild animals or if you're just a rude ass. If you know my grandpa you understand why this is so astonishing. He never says an abrupt or unkind word, unless you wear a cap to the table.... (or break my heart, that will land you at the very tip top of his shit list with the morons at AT&T). Sometimes he will stare you down until you have become noticably uncomfortable and then he will politely ask "would you like to sit here and have supper with us or do you want to head on down to the pool hall where they check your manners at the door?". If you can't figure out what you've done wrong at this point, I suggest you leave because if you sit there and say nothing and don't remove your cap things WILL get ugly. If you sit down at the dinner table wearing a hat in the presence of my grandparents there is a good chance that you and I won't have a future together. While my grandma doesn't so much like you wearing a cap to the table she has another pet peeve. One thing you don't come to the table without is a shirt! You don't have to wash your hands, take off your boots, or even wear pants necessarily... but if you show up without a shirt your ass is fixin to gain a raw spot. My grandma is from the north (providence, rhode island but raised in boston, mas.) so she doesn't have the civilized, southern confrontation techniques my grandpa uses. She will flat out tell you "there is no way you are sitting at my table without a shirt on, you are rude and inconsiderate for even sitting down here without one. Now get up, leave my table, and find a shirt or find you a drive through to visit cause you will not be eating in this house!" My grandparents are far from uppity, picky, or nagging. They posses something I think the world these days is missing, good old fashioned manners. You shake someones hand when you meet them for the first time or see them out in public. You DON'T text at my grandparents table, that will land your cell phone in the dogs water bowl or possibly even a pan of still pretty hot grease on the stove top (trust me). My grandparents are the only reason I have any sort of similance to a civilized way about myself. They pay their bills when they come in and don't buy groceries or anything else until the bills are paid, that is law at their house. I try my best to do the same but with my mom's dna in me its pretty hard for me, I don't know how she managed to leave home without basic knowledge like paying your bills on time but she did. My grandparents taught me you don't have to like anyone, but you will respect everyone. They taught me more about being a good person than anyone else in this world. I am a part of a generation that somewhere along the line decided they don't have to follow the rules or respect anyone. I'm pretty ashamed of my peers being the way they are. I think I was born a coupole hundred years too late. I know I'm not perfect, I know I do some things I shouldn't. But I'm going to try and do better. I want to be a better person, someone my grandparents can look at and say, we did good with her.

I just wish more people in this world were more worried about being good people than being the biggest partier, the laziest worker, the one with the most fancy stuff, or the one with the highest dollar clothes. I just want to be a good person.

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