Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh the boredom

Today I am at work. I am doing what I did yesterday and all last week. Not a dang thing. I think my butt is numb. I have just been sitting here for hours on end with nothing to do. I'm the only one IN the office today so I just have to stay put. No going home early for me today. I guess its ok. If i were at home I'd be playing on the internet all day, why not get paid for it?

I decided today that AT&T and Altell need to become better friends because there are days when Chad's phone and mine will not communicate with each other. I sent Chad a message this morning. A while later he hadn't sent one back. So I sent him another that said "well?". No response. I sent "Hello? Is there anyone home today?". No response. So I leave for work and call him to see what the deal is. This isn't over a period of like 10 minutes. This is since 8 this morning and I go to lunch at 12. So I call him and he answers the phone hello? I said hey, what are you doing? Nothing really. You been busy? I said no. Have you? He says no, why haven't you texted me this morning since you've been there. I said uhm I've sent you plenty of messages that you didn't respond to. The point of this is that our phones tick me off. And although I know his phone and my phone probably just aren't getting along well I get pretty ticked off about not hearing from him. Not ticked off where I call him and say listen here pal you better buck up or get out. Just the kind where I want to smash my phone and tell him its his fault for having a piece of junk phone. I know that it wouldn't make any sense to do that... but I'd like to sometimes.

This week is such a busy week for not really doing anything. I got back to fort smith from mena at midnight monday night and had to work tuesday morning at 8. tanned at 6 then started this project called removing unneccesary junk from my closet. What made me think this was a good idea? I don't know. It started that I was getting down a box that I put all my "I'm gonna put this in my scrap book some day" stuff in. and then I just started cleaning out other boxes that haven't been cleaned out since I FIRST moved to the fort nearly a year ago... way to go me. Such a slacker. oh well. Any how. I finally give out on that about 11 last night and waited for Chad to call (I think its sweet he calls me every night to tell me good night). We talked briefly but were both so sleepy we said good night and went to bed. This morning was, as usual, a mad dash to make it to work on time. After work I have to haul tail to the post office to pick up something... not sure what. Just had one of those little yellow notes from the post carrier. Then to tan at 6. Then pack. Then to the rodeo around 7:30 or so with Jayme and I dunno who. Then another mad dash to work tomorrow morning. Then a mad dash to mena to get Chad and race to texarkana to see Jason Boland at shooters. Then friday lunch with Chad I'm sure. Maybe a couple friends will join us. Saturday I'm raking hay(if the rain holds off) and Chad is building fence. Then sunday more chores and hopefully there will be time for mom to get some much needed pictures of Chad and I. Monday it will be hurry up and get ready while taking care of Braxton and be in town by noon to go to lunch with Chad and his family. Then back to the fort and it starts all over again... In a way I like being busy cause its like back in the day when I use to run run run during the summer. But now days I don't have the energy. Still hoping for the doctors to figure that one out... til then I fall asleep every time I sit still more than 5 seconds. ugh....
Well, I figure I should wrap this up and pretend I'm earning a pay check this week. I think I'll run financial reports and see how close to no longer having a job I really am....

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